Friday, April 26, 2013

Reflections... LGDs

     When Bella was born, Ruya was in strong heat, therefore she was restricted to being either inside or in the kennel until we could get her to be bred. The very day after Bella was born, Ruya found herself at Darlene's. A week went by before we could get down to pick her up, thanks to a sprained ankle and other surprises. During that time, however, Aslan had introduced himself and checked out Bella when we brought her in, sniffing her legs and rump with a tucked tail and afterward hanging out by the stall, occasionally trying to kiss Bella when she was exploring the stall door.
     Well, it wasn't until after we turned Bella out that I remembered Ruya had not been introduced. Ruya, of course, ran the fenceline barking with worry. What was that black thing running around Doo Dah?!?!?!  I knew that without a proper introduction, Ruya would not be at ease, and there was a risk of something happening to her or to Bella. So, I got out a leash and dragged Ruya into the pasture while someone held Doo Dah.
     There is something magical about watching a LGD bond with a new member of the "flock." Ruya kept her tail low and gently sniffed Bella. Bella ran away a few times, but Ruya patiently tried again. After I knew all was well, I let Ruya off the leash. She very quietly walked up to Bella and sniffed her feet and her tail. After maybe 30 seconds, her tail started to wag and she started to give Bella kisses on the nose. Of course, Bella took off and hid behind the other side of Doo Dah, but Ruya quietly tucked her tail and tried again. After Ruya and Bella had gotten accustomed to each other for a couple minutes, I left the pasture and called Ruya to give the baby some space. It was obvious that Ruya did not want to leave her baby for two seconds, but Doo Dah's glare made up her mind, and she squeezed out of the pasture and went with me to chill out in the house.
     I will never cease to be amazed at the way these dogs are wired. All it took was a short introduction, and Ruya was all over it. I could see in her eye that she felt bound to the little foal for the rest of their lives. For Bella, she now knows that Ruya is her friend, and I hope that she develops a trust of Ruya that will stay with her forever.

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