Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mina Update

Training update: Mina is now off the longe!!!! I didn't get any photos, but next time, I'll be sure to post them. She was great and stood perfectly still at the mounting block while I got myself in order. After that, she just walked around one step at a time at a snail's pace, very careful about what she did. Thanks to our longeing work and work on long-lines, she steers, stops, and actually reaches for the bit already. We've been working classically on the longe for a while, and I added long-lining to get her steering in order before I even got on her back.
Mina was so happy after her ride. She had the biggest smile in her eyes, and she nuzzled me all over. She loves to work, and I think she has been mentally ready for this day for much longer than I realized. I have a feeling she will be at the gate tomorrow, waiting to come out and play again.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Kangal Update

Our Kangal dog, Ruya, went in to the vet this week for hip x-rays to check for hip dysplasia. To our joy, the vet said her hips were well-seated and healthy in appearance. They also fawned all over her as she leaned on them and wagged her tail. When she turns two in April, we will re-take x-rays and send them in either to the OFA or to PennHip for a certification. Looks like our raw diet with a dash of Dynamite minerals has done its job!


Welcome to Tempus Renatus! We are a small farm that focuses on preserving and promoting rare breeds. So far, we have Lipizzans, Kangal Dogs, and a Knabstrupper foal on the way. We are slowly beginning our organic farming endeavors to make a well-rounded farm focusing on sustainability. With the horses, we focus on classical dressage and its application to other areas of riding. Our horses never just do arena work; they long-line the trails, drive, gallop, work with obstacles, and just act like horses.
I'll be posting both updates and contemplations on horses, dogs, farming, and classical dressage. Keep checking back for any new posts or updates!
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