Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another change in plans... with new update!

     I am tired of all this planning and then changing plans, but I suppose there's a lesson in it.
     We are still breeding Ruya. No doubt. But we have changed the male. We are back to going with Micah, an Odaci Kangal out of Odaci's Safak and Ch. Yasemin. He is an incredible mover with a great guardian instinct and has produced outstanding puppies out of a female of Ruya's same breeding. This is his first breeding the US, his other litters contributing to the Canadian gene pool.
     I'm sure everyone is wondering why all the changes. Well, that is a long story...
     We decided to go with Micah as soon as he came to Georgia. However, shortly after that, my father was killed in a car accident, and we were in no way ready for a litter of puppies. When we went to pick up Aslan, our young male, Darlene told us about the straws she had left from Arkadas, and we were thrilled about that prospect.
     Then everything went wrong. We lost a foal, and the mother had to go to surgery. With the mounting vet bills, we started questioning breeding Ruya by the very intricate methods of AI. The repro vets said there shouldn't be a problem, but they weren't comfortable either using the very last breeding dose on a maiden female. I wasn't thrilled with having a small litter of a line that is otherwise not represented in America. So, as Ruya was in flaming heat, I called Darlene Kelley, Ruya's and Aslan's breeder, and we both thought about what to do. It was her advice to breed this cycle, as we don't want to push Ruya in the future to have litters at an older age. So, we decided to go for Micah again.
     Ruya is now with Micah at Darlene's place, and while she is still sitting down when he tries to mount, she is getting much closer to accepting him. They should lock any moment now this week, and we will have our first litter of Kangal puppies!

UPDATE 4/17: Ruya and Micah locked earlier this morning! We are thrilled about this litter, as Micah's last litter with a sibling of Ruya's came out beautifully. You can see pictures of that litter and how the puppies developed at www.shalebrookacres.ca.

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