Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Mina update!

This is a bit delayed in posting, but I felt it was worth sharing. Mina has been down to Mary Werning's place a few times now, and she is doing beautifully off the longe. She was completely cool about the mirrors and the new place; it didn't bother her a bit. We did serpentines and started baby laterals last time we were down, and she was wonderful. Mary was super impressed by her level-headedness and her swinging, solid gaits. I will start showing Mina very soon, especially since there are no babies due until May.
At home, Mina is now doing some work bareback. She is so easy to ride bareback and is very comfortable. As always, she is very cautious about doing everything right, but she is getting the hang of it very quickly. She is just an outstanding young mare!

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