Monday, December 26, 2016

We're Back!

It's been a few years since I've posted to the Tempus Renatus blog, and now I'm back! Some new exciting developments have happened...
We've added some horses and bred others, including:
Maestoso Orcia "Nico" 1995 Stallion (Maestoso XXIX-32 x Orcia)
Primablanca "Prima" 1994 Mare (Siglavy Dalea x Primabona)
Bresciana "Bresci" 2001 Mare (Favory Ilka x Ballestra)
Linnea 2007 Mare (7021 Neapolitano XI-21 x 6908 Maestoso X-27)
6942 Conversano VI-20 "Mila" 2000 Mare (imported from Topol'cianky)
Maestoso Primablanca II "Milo" 2014 Colt (Maestoso Orcia x Primablanca)
Maestoso Bresciana "Tony" 2015 Colt (Maestoso Orcia x Bresciana)
Belafiamma "Fi" 2016 Filly (Conversano Belamilana x Bresciana)
TAF Dempsey's Bog Star 2007 Kerry Bog Pony Mare, and her 2016 colt by TAF Gil-Galad
Evita JC buckskin Lusitano mare (Royalsstar "Rondero" x India), in foal to Orfeo
Pacificus "Max" 2014 Knabstrupper colt (Pegasus vom Niehaus-Hof x Walkyria)

Pictures will come when their pages are added, and more pictures will be added to existing horses' pages.

We also will be having a series of clinics in the new year! For the first quarter, we have Mary Werning coming January 29th for a one-day clinic, and we have Anita Adams coming March 3-5 for a clinic. These are two of Karl Mikolka's few certified students, and both are accomplished dressage trainers and riders.

Ruya also had another litter of puppies, this time by Ancient Warrior, Aslan's sire. Only one male is left available at the moment; a female may come available in the future. They were born October 12th, 2016, so they are ready to go to their new homes. The male will be put into training as a livestock guardian dog if not sold, and his price will increase with training after six months.

Email if you want more information about horses and dogs for sale or about signing up for the clinics!


Bellangela 2013 Filly

Tony, Milo, and Max

Incitata 2013 Filly


Kaplan Gozu, Kangal male from the 2014 Litter

Maestoso Orcia


Milo and Tony