Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First baby of the year has arrived!!!!!

C. Ivey has a purebred daughter with Seraphina! Bell'angela was born in the night early Sunday morning. She is so far black with a white star, snip and two socks. She is absolutely gorgeous; one of the prettiest foals I've seen. She is sweet and curious about everything though her momma, the surrogate mare Doo Dah, is a little nervous, this being her first foal.
I did not have the chance to imprint immediately upon her birth, as Doo Dah foaled out sometime in the night and got her standing and nursing all by herself. Way to go, Doo Dah! She is a fantastic mother, especially for a maiden mare. She will be wonderful for anyone else who ends up with her carrying their foal.
Little Bella seems to have a lot of her daddy in her. She has his topline, but she seems to have a balance between his and Seraphina's movement. She has a nice combination of her momma's Hungarian nose and her daddy's broad forehead. Temperament-wise, she is all Seraphina. She thinks she is all grown up and likes to try to escape (much to her surrogate momma's chagrin...). She runs and frolics all the time and is afraid of nothing. She has even walked over plastic without so much as batting an eye. What a precocious little stinker!

UPDATE: Finally, technology cooperated and let me upload pictures of baby Bella! More to come!

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