Friday, April 12, 2013

Kangal Update: We're in heat!

I'm sure you have seen on the website that we've changed plans and gone with Ch. Doga Farm's Arkadas for Ruya's first breeding. He was an outstanding male out of equally amazing lines. We managed to get hold of the last breeding dose of his frozen semen, and we will be breeding Ruya sometime next week! She surprised us all and went into heat a couple months early, so we quickly found a vet that does AI and has a good track record of successes. It is definitely going to be a fascinating process. We're going with the endoscopic transcervical insemination method as our first choice, as that seems to be better than simple insemination with less of a recovery period than the surgical method. If they have trouble with the TCI, then we will probably resort to the surgical method. All very interesting to learn about... detailed post on those methods soon to come.
I am extremely excited about this breeding. "Arki"'s lines can't be found anywhere else in the country and are considered precious internationally. I will probably keep a puppy from this litter for my own breeding stock, and I truly hope that there will be a few people wanting breeding stock from this litter. Ruya's lines are some of the most influential in this country, and Arki's lines are highly revered in Turkey and in England. Ruya has matured into the most wonderful female I could hope for: calm, quiet, confident, loving, friendly, and patient, not to mention an incredible guardian with great instincts. Arki was equally friendly and loving as well as charismatic and just as incredible a guardian. He is sorely missed, but at least his lines can still be carried on.
I just found that the old links to Arki's page are no longer working, so here's the new link:
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