Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reflections: Ruya

Spring has actually been fairly cool so far. We've had a few days of highs in the 80s, but apparently, this is the coolest month of May in decades so far. Perfect weather for foals and chores!
With the hot days, Ruya has gotten spoiled, as she well-deserves. She gets to come inside during the day and laze around next to the sofa. Most of the time, the Kangals stay outside with access to any number of shelters with a few dog beds here and there, and they are happy socializing with the guys working on the barn or mowing around the pastures. However, Ruya has been less active than usual and just wants to sleep all day and bark on her patrols at night. I figure since she's pregnant, she deserves to be treated like a queen. Usually, all she does is lay down by the stairs and sleep, sometimes snoring and twitching but mostly just snoozing. If I just say her name, the tail starts wagging ever so softly. Unlike Golden Retrievers, Kangals have a very quiet, soft wag that doesn't make the notorious "thump thump thump" like Goldens (my sister has one, and he could wake the dead with that tail thumping...)
Well, since I'm resting a sprained ankle, I haven't been riding as much, which means more time for music practice (and crafts, and housework, and anything to keep me from going stir-crazy!). One day, Ruya decided she wanted to come in around the time I was going to practice, so I let her in. After a few minutes of reading, I went over to practice piano, and after a piece or two, Ruya joined me, curling up on the carpet right next to my left foot. She was so much at peace as I was playing, just sleeping quietly and occasionally inching a little closer to my left foot. I'd reach down to pet her, and she'd roll over and show her belly.
Ruya is such a special girl. She has such a quiet, peaceful presence about her. Yes, she can play exuberantly, and yes, she chases any threat off the property, but with her charges and her family, she has this incredible ability to put everyone at ease. I have pictures somewhere of one of the cats trying to give her a bath, and even the most dog-aggressive of the horses don't mind her passing by through the pasture. I have never had a dog that is just as sweet and peaceful as this one, and every day I can't help but offer thanks for such a wonderful dog.

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